Students choose Panworld University!

Panworld University has gradually developed as a university of choice among students worldwide. The university offers degree and diploma programs in 70 majors from 16 different departments of study. Students get to choose from a wide array of subjects which allows individuals to choose the study program of their choice. Often a number of study programs are not offered in traditional universities and Panworld recognized the need of offering such programs. Panworld university has become popular among students because of the variety of study programs it offers and also that the university is accredited by Accreditation Council For Online Education (ACFOE). Panworld university degrees and diplomas are internationally accredited and accepted among top employers worldwide.

The university offers an easy transfer of credits for previously completed courses or work experience which helps students complete their programs in a short span of time. Self paced study programs have become the talk of the decade because working adults who wish to complete their degree programs need flexible options to complete their education. Students, who cannot attend traditional universities due to personal commitments, need flexible yet quality options to complete their education in order to step forward in the job market. International students can make good use of the apostile and embassy legalization services offered by Panworld which helps them pursue a foreign degree while they’re still in their home country. The alumni support services are commendable since those who need to have their credentials verified to show to prospective employers can simply contact the academic consultants at the university and the verified credentials are directly sent to the employer within a day.

Panworld University offers the most incredible scholarship programs compared to other online universities. Panworld was the only online university to offer a $15000 scholarship to students who qualified for it. Statistics showed that 80% of the students who applied for a scholarship got one. Panworld is one place which believes in personal interaction between students and professors, while their renowned faculty cultivates the academic enthusiasm of a major research university. As of the world’s largest online universities, Panworld University provides globally accredited education to its students that is flexible, affordable, quick and high quality.

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