Most Wanted Degrees in 2011

Whether you call it ‘online education’ or ‘distance learning’, it is growing in enormous proportions over the past few years. This growth is recorded globally and it has gotten everyone’s attention. Many schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions have their own online learning systems, often distinct from their traditional offerings. Because of growing user base of Internet, it has become easy for educational institutions to provide quality education to a larger and global student body.

Taking online courses can be a great way to earn a degree and reach your career goals at the same time. Some of the most popular degrees are offered in the most comfortable and flexible learning formats, making online education an attractive option to working adults.

Top 10 Online Degrees in 2011

Below are the most popular online degrees in 2011

  1. Business – MBA
  2. Graphic and Web Design
  3. Health Care – Nursing
  4. Information Science
  5. Computer Science
  6. Accounting
  7. Education
  8. Engineering
  9. Forensic Science
  10. Criminal Justice

What is so special about these degrees?

All the aforementioned online degrees are not only widely accepted and valued in the professional world, but also provide job safety, higher pay and growth opportunities. Observers of education industry predict that the demand for these degrees will grow over the next decade and more people would opt for them. As the opportunities grow, there will always be a need for IT specialists, accountants, engineers, business professionals, Web designers and legal experts. All these professionals are the backbone of our society and their presence will actually formulate a brighter future for the world.

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