Panworld University Offers a Range of Services

Panworld University offers an extensive range of services to students and alumni, allowing them to pursue their education in an easy and hassle-free way. Below are an exciting set of services that students can take advantage of.

Personalized Student Area
Panworld University provides you access to your personalized student area where you can pay your remaining tuition fee, manage your courses, attend your classes and take advantage of a wide range of support services. You can also apply for credit transfer and prior learning credits from this area.

Educational Verification Services                                                              
Panworld University takes care of it students in every possible way. The University provides an education verification service which assures students that their degree, certificate and diploma program will be globally recognized. Students can get their credential verified by their employers through phone, email and fax.

Personalized Alumni Area
As soon as the student graduates, they will be provided complete access to their personalized alumni area. It will help them to stay connected with Panworld and take advantage of different services that University offers.

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