“A taste of the workplace during my degree course with Panworld University changed my expectations of work-life!” says, Alberta Rosen.

At Panworld University the focus always remains on the overall growth and developments of the students. From easy learning till job placement Panworld University stays with you and helps you to live the entire process in most easy, flexible and convenient manner. The dedicated staff and faculty at Panworld University is constantly working to make online learning easy and fun filled experience for the students and the student counselors at Panworld also make sure that each student lands on a reputable job  which is the ultimate goal for every student.

All the online learning programs, online degree courses are designed keeping in mind the real life market situations and changing demand of the professional world. The course curriculum is designed in a way to make sure that students get both practical exposure and a sound academic environment which eventually helps them excel in their respective careers.  After a student earn a degree, the Panworld University’s placement services make sure they get a suitable position at a reputed organization.

According to a latest research conducted in the year 2011, it showed that 90% of the students either find jobs or move to higher study programs at the university within six months. Professional placement services at Panworld University aim to bridge the gap between academic faculties and work. Hence, performance on the work related parts of the course formulates a major chunk.  That actually helps students to get real world experience while they are in the classroom.

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